Made In New Orleans


Wow it’s 2017!  We made it another year!  Since we were blessed enough to do so, I mean, we might as well make it a stylish one, wouldn’t you agree?  I must say, 2016 has taught me a lot about myself.   I stepped out on faith and made some AMAZING strides!  I mean, I am still learning my way through this blogging thing but the collaborations have been simply mind blowing.  But let me share with you working a 9-5, then blogging, collaborating’s, style consulting, taking care of my family and a social life is exhausting but this is what I do.  I am a survivor, a hustler, I was made in New Orleans.  With that being said, I did a collaboration with my fellow New Orleans Terrell Dominick on her brilliant “Made in New Orleans” handbags.  I mean, it was a match made in stylish heaven.  haha   This is the absolute cutest bag.  Now I know what you are thinking, “Renae, you say that about all of your bag.”  While that is probably true, this one is just so perfect for all occasions.  I wore it to brunch with one of my blogger babes and to a networking event and heads were definitely turning.  I can’t wait to wear it in the spring/summer when I vacation or attend one of many festivals.  This time, I paired it with jeans, a blanket scarf and fedora.  Chile, we will talk about the fedora on another day because it is bad to the bone!  lol  However, when the spring roll around, you will see it with more softer items.  Although you may not be from New Orleans, she has extended her brand for Brooklyn, so you never know, your city could be next! capture  Head on over to to get your fix!


   Handbag| Terrell   




Booties| Alexandre Birman
Watch| JORD 


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