Spring Fling

face shot

Spring is in the building!!!!!  From pastels, florals, ruffles, block heels and adorable handbags, I am here for it ALL!!!!  flower  I have to be careful with floral because I don’t want to look like my grandparents curtains but if done correctly, it can be the cutest thing ever!  When you look around, everything has some sort of embroidery.  From dresses, to jeans, bomber jackets and blouses.  My suggestion is to have a ton of fun and again remain true to your style.  I found this adorable dress during Zara’s end of the season sale in January for $29!  I was unsure of my shoes choice because everything was a low block heel.  I was not sure I was feeling that for myself because I love being taller.  I am 5’8 1/2 and I love being taller.  And yes, I included that 1/2.  lol  Any who, went into Forever 21 for a pair of hoops and saw these.  I thought, “wait, it may look cute with my dress.” and it did!!  It gave me 70’s vibe.  P.S. the shoes were $24.99. 

Theeeeeeen, I completed my look with shades and this seasons “IT” bag named “Ark” by Cult Gaia.  Chile, perfection!  I hope you babes enjoyed this post and please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by!  You touch my heart every time.

Stay fly!


Renae Antoinette

IMG_0440           Dress| Zara        Shades| Ferragamo

back of dress

dress and shoes

          Shoes| Forever 21

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