Oversized shirts and fedora

Fedora 4

Hey my boo’s!!  Thanks for stopping by!  Spring is in the air and I am pulling out all of the spring favorites.  I am opting for less clingy pieces and things full of color.  With this look, I definitely decided to use the save and splurge method.  Honestly, I don’t think my entire outfit cost $100.   When I shop, I look for things to catch my eye, not the price tag.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my high end pieces but that does not make up everything in my closet.  If you have been following me for sometime, you know I generally don’t do department stores, but when I do, it is either Nordstrom’s or JCP.  I know what you are thinking, they are totally different right?  lol  They are both unique in their own way but I can say that JCP often have some hidden jewels, like this fedora. Since cutting my hair, which I can’t ever seem to keep hair on my head these days, it is hard to find hats to fit this head of mine. Capture Well, JCP came through!!  I get so many compliments on this hat and I may have paid $20 for it.  It goes with EVERYTHING and they brought it back this season.  Before purchasing it, got to JCP.com and look for a coupon to use.  I live for a coupon or my bucks earned when I shop.  I feel like I am saving money.  I know, I am not saving money but in my mind, I have to justify it somehow. haha 

fedora 1My oversized shirt came from Marshall’s out of the higher end section but ya girl paid $39.99 and the jeans are from the junior section and they were $16.99!!  Yes chile, did you hear me??  $16.99!!!!! 

Fedora 5

Did you peep that zipper at the bottom?? That aint nothing but class!  haha  So let’s see, the top, $39.99, jeans $16.99 and hat $20…..  what is that, like $80 bucks?  And when I tell you, I wear the, “thank you” out of these jeans, like my moms would say, believe me.   Now, on to my splurge items.

fedora 2All of my accessories with the exception of my fedora are my splurge items.  I am a huge fan of Michele watches.  They are so fun and I love changing my bands.  My shades are by Jimmy Choo and my clutch is from GiGi New York.  GiGi make the cutest handbags and planners.  I love the fact that you can monogram your items.  If you don’t like paying retail, they always run an amazing sale towards the end of the season.  Stay tuned for the deets!

Fedora 6How cute are the distressed details on these jeans?? I am telling you, don’t count Marshall’s out. 

As always, thank you for stopping by and I would love to hear from you!  Please comment below.


Renae Antoinette




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