Stripes and a slice of watermelon




Hope you babes are ready for the summer because honey, ready or not, here it comes.  Since I am in Dallas and it feels like the sun is sitting on the light post, I like to wear items lightweight.  So, I am kicking it off with this number, a stripped dress and watermelon clutch.  I mean what better to have on those sizzling summer days than a slice of watermelon or watermelon clutch?  Lol  Of course you babes know I am infamous for something eye catching, whether it is a handbag, necklace or earrings.  Something must turn a head or 2.  This little cutie is by Kate Spade.  If you want something classic or off the wall, check her out.  She never disappoints!  My dress was a purchase from the junior section at Marshall’s 2 years ago.  My intention was to wear it during the Essence Music Festival because it was so comfy and it had pockets.  The pockets were the game changer.  Lol  Well, I was checking myself out in the mirror before leaving the house and chile the zipper said no ma’am and broke on me and split down the middle.  I was soooo happy this happened at home and not at the concert.  I would have been super embarrassed!  When I returned to Dallas, I threw it in the bag for the tailor and forgot all about it. *straight face* 


Fast forward 2 years, a tailor and a watermelon clutch. TA DA!!!   I was initially going to pair this purse with a pink dress because of course, it was “safe”, but when I put on the dress after getting it back from my tailor, I immediately thought of that clutch and it completed my look.  You babes know I like things the average person would think, “What am I going to do with this?’  I mean, who buys a purse in the shape of a watermelon?? th Don’t limit yourself, wear what you want.  Do what makes you feel fabulous and forget the rest.


 I hope you enjoyed this embarrassing story of me and my zipper.  haha  But more over I hope I was able to give you some fashion inspo. 


Until next time,

Love, peace and watermelons!

 Renae Antoinette

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