OTS shirt and overalls





So one of the big trends going on these days consist of anything off the shoulder.  OTS as it is commonly called can be a dress, romper, or top.  Well my OTS fix comes in the form of a top.  I purchased this top a year ago but never wore it because I was not sure on how I wanted to wear it.  I tried it with a few things but I was never convinced.  During one of my random moments of playing dress up, I had on the top and saw my overalls out of the corner of my eye.  Sale Sidebar:  I picked up these oversized overalls for $14 bucks during Zara’s after Christmas Sale.  #winning  Any who, I put it on and thought, “It’s aite”  but then I went into my accessory bunker and grabbed that scarf, placed it around my long neck and smile.  I was like, that’s it!  Now, my husband didn’t like it but who cares, I thought it was the cutest.  Besides being cute, it was so comfy!  It was perfect for running errands, lunch or just hanging during the day. 




By the way.  Not sure if I ever shared this with you guys but a lot of the looks I post never see the light of day outside of the post.  Yeah, I am just weird like that.  I take pictures of looks to inspire you all.  Now, it will eventually get worn but in the interim, it will sit in the closet until I am ready for it.  So if you should see me in public wearing something you’ve seen on here or IG, just smile.  Haha


IMG_1346The rare occasion when I smile on a picture.  Enjoy your day loves!

One love,



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