Ruffles and OTS

Hey babes!!! 
How many of you are ready for fall?? hand raised emoji I live in Dallas and when I tell you, it’s blazing!!! I must admit, I did have my fair share of fashion fun with spring/summer.  But before I shut it down and transition the closets, I have a few more looks to show you.
I purchased this top from SHEIN a few months ago but didn’t wear it until recently.  Because I’m known for being over the top, I wore it to a dear friend of mine grand opening of her hair and makeup studio, Salon Inks.  Sidebar: She is the mastermind behind my pixie. haha   Now back to this top.  Although this blouse is a statement piece, I kept everything around it simple.  I didn’t want to distract from the AMAZING sleeves. This ruffle off the shoulder top showed off my sun kissed skin to perfection! It fell off my shoulders in the right places.  I decided to tuck it in my pants to create a clean look.  Btw, this top cost a whopping $20!  
I paired it with these adorable earring from The Tiny Tassel, a lighter denim Hudson jean and yellow sandals.  Everything fell in place perfectly.  Although I am a statement earring person, these beauties were on time.  They were not too small nor too large.  The look was soft enough to compliment the top. 
This top is definitely a show stopper!  Look at those sleeves!!  Playa!  Haha
As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment below! 
XO  lips emoji
Renae Antoinette

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