Camo & Olive

Happy Monday babes!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  About 2 weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking at The TEE 2017 women’s conference about being Saved and Slaying.  It was such an honor to speak to such an amazing group of women.  When preparing, one of the things I had to consider was what I intended to wear.  I didn’t want to be stuffy and conservative but youthful and fun.  I recently purchased a camouflage button down shirt from JCP and hadn’t decided what I was going to pair it with.  The obvious thing to do is pair it with denim but again, because I was speaking on fashion, I wanted a little something extra.  While playing dress up like I always do, this green midi skirt caught my eye.  I put on the skirt and it was a perfect match! It gave me the exact look I wanted.  The camouflage gave me the fun and youthful look while the midi skirt brought that Renae Antoinette touch of femininity..  As you know, you know I’m infamous for a good midi skirt. Lol  This look was a hit and I received a ton of compliments.

As mentioned, I picked up this top from JCP in their Junior section for under $25 and this skirt was a purchase from Uniqlo.  I was first introduced to Uniqlo when visiting New York years ago.  But luckily, they have an online store for your buying pleasure.  I also paired this look with my dainty initial necklaces from Ainkas Jewels.  Check out her website as she has some dope pieces!

Hope you enjoyed this look and feel free to drop comments below!

Love ya!

Renae Antoinette




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