Canadian Tux and a faux fur


Happy New Year babes!  It’s a new year for us to focus on what’s important and strive for greatness.  2017 was a year full of wins and a few L’s. But like it’s said, what does not kill you make you stronger.  If you follow me on IG and saw the picture featuring this boa, you remember the heartfelt message I left.  From that post, I received so much love from people near and far.  Listen, sometimes this thing called life gets hard but you have to push through.  Sometimes, you smile when you are really hurting.  But what I realized is, that it is ok to hurt.  Hell if you have to, cry, get it out, then buy yourself something nice. lol  If you are not a crier, do what makes you feel better.  I have a girlfriend that travel the world.  That is her therapy.  I have another one with just as sick shopping habit as myself.  lol  That’s her therapy.  I have another that has a therapist.  She just need someone to talk to, to air out her feelings.  But guess what, I totally dig all of the above! It is ok to hurt and seek whatever is necessary to get you back on track.  You are human. 

Since that IG post, I received so much love and I could not be more grateful! With me, things in my life became so overwhelming.  Chile, the pressure was on!  I am talking about blogging, styling clients, full time job, losing friends and family to sickness (SN: F cancer!!) while all trying to maintain a social life and keep hubby happy.  Talking about draining!!  I often wanted to throw in the towel and just say forget blogging/styling because to me that was the easiest to give up.  But after a talk with hubby, he said, “Why?  This is what you love doing.  Just take your time and balance it all.” I recalled the saying that diamonds are made under pressure.  So I prayed about it and asked God to order my steps.  I have faith that God has something amazing waiting for me.  Not sure what it is but I am opening my heart and mind to receive whatever he has in store.  In the mean time, I will continue to do what I love, display my style and serve as an inspiration.  

Oh and on another note, this will probably be one of the only times you will catch me without a pair of shades or my glasses. lol  I feel like a weirdo when I wear contacts. lol  Hope you like!

I pray you have an amazingly fashionable and prosperous New Year!


Renae Antoinette



IMG_4935Navy fedora| Banana Republic (older)| similar

IMG_4952Pink faux collar| Zara (older) (similar)



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