Flowers and Wooden obsession

Hey my babies!!!!

So, according to the calendar it’s Spring, however, I beg to differ! This weather has been so inconsistent until it is utterly ridiculous. I’m sure my east coast boo’s can relate. However, even in the midst of it all, I still want to wear spring like colors and prints. Well, I stumbled upon the Free People frock and fell in love. All of the detailing just warmed my soul. Lol. The embroidery is to die for and the exaggerated sleeves made it even better. Now of course, it wouldn’t be in Renae Antoinette Fashion is she didn’t accessorize. After playing around with stuff, I ended up pairing with these fringe orange earring and my wooden purse, which is my absolute favorite purchase of 2018 besides my electric blanket. Lol. Sorry y’all I hate getting in a cold bed, but that’s another story in itself. Lol. Any who, I added a wooden bracelet, then I got a wild hair up my @ss and piled on all of them! When I tell you I was in LOVE!!!



IMG_8431Baby these sleeves are EVERYTHING!!!  Look at the details.


It was absolutely perfect! Oh and let’s not forget my wedges that I’ve had for almost 10 years.


Details on top of details.  I love accessories! 


Did I mention she had pockets?!?!?!  YAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!

So moral of the story….just go with it and have fun with fashion. I hope you enjoyed and can’t wait to chat with you next time!

I would love to hear from you, so drop ya New Orleans boo a comment! 👇🏽

Until next time smooches!

Renae Antoinette




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