Black OTS top and statement earring


OTS black 2

OTS black 6

OTS black 5

OTS black 4OTS black 1

The weather in Dallas has been showing out so I decided to do the exact same! Ha! I purchase this top last year from Forever 21 but never wore it. I had an idea on how I wanted to style it but I never had an opportunity to wear it. Well chile, when I style it initially, this was not what I had in mind. However, while trolling through Pintrest, like my finger tips go numb because I am on it so much, I found a picture with a similar top paired with wide leg jeans and was in love! Instead of wearing it with my mid drift out, I pulled the top down to meet my Free people jeans similar, threw on a pair of  statement earrings (because I have an addiction) and this adorable bag from The G Factor and BOOM, Issa lewk! 🖤 I felt like I should have been in Havana but honey I was in good ole Dallas, TX. Lol.

Hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did styling it! On a side note, baaaby those squats are working! Lol


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