Lilac Double Breasted Suit

Hey babes!  Guess who is back and wearing some color?!?!?!  MEEEEEEE!  Lol  if you have been following me, you’ve noticed that I mainly drift to darker colors.  It’s not that I prefer them, it’s just easier.   Well, I partnered with After 5 Lux and they sent me this amazing double breasted lilac suit.  I am not one for color but I thought it was too cute!  I decided to get it in a larger size so I could have a clean finished look.  I sent it to my tailor to release the hem, because people legs are long, then dropped it off to the cleaners to have it ironed.  When I tell you guys, it was perfect!  The material is very light weight but heavy enough to transition from Spring, Summer and Fall.   Also, the suit could not have come at a better time because I was highlighted by Boss Women Who Brunch as being one of their 50 Shades of Boss Women in 2018!  It was such an honor to be recognized for the work I do.  It’s not easy but it’s amazing to be recognized by your peers.  But baby when I tell you, ya girl was cute, believe me!  Lol  If you are on IG, check out After 5 Lux.  You won’t be disappointed!

Until next time….






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