cropped-renae-t.jpgHi there and thanks for stopping by! For all of my faithful followers, welcome back.  To all of my new comers, I give you a good old New Orleans welcome!  I am just an N’awlins girl  living an extraordinary stylish life in Dallas, TX.  At any given moment I can be found playing in my closets, getting inspired via Pinterest  or spending time with my family and my crazy girlfriends. I’ve always felt that style should evoke ones personality. As flattered as I am, I don’t want anyone to feel as if they have to have my exact style, but I hope you can find inspiration from me to help you find that “untapped” you.  Your untapped style. So whether you are a busy mom of 3 or a single lady trying to find her way through this wonderful world of fashion, I hope you can find inspiration from my posts. Until the next time beautiful people….love, peace and style…

Renae Antoinette